septiembre 12, 2011

The thing is that you expect all the time me to be like you, but I'm not like you, I'm like me, and thats not a bad or a good thing, is just a fact that happens, and It's kind of impossible to be like you in my times, in my places and with my people. The same thing happens If I expect you to be just like me, It wouldn't work, no now, and I don't know about future but I don't think It would really work in that moment. The only thing I know is that I'm not wrong in this thought. Maybe I'm wrong in the way I am, but Is who I am, no? and I'm confortable being like me, feeling like me, smiling like me and shouting like me, I know there's things I have to change, speacially with you, but when I start thinking like that I always remember that I'm 21 too, and I have to keep calm and relax, because your time is almost done, but my Time is about to start.

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